From award-winning Mountain Bike World Cups to the highly regarded SLIDE trade show, this is where we excel.

We use our experiences and expertise to put together total, tailored management solutions, whether the project is a property owned by us or organised by us on behalf of others.

Events promoted by Rare Management where we are responsible for all aspects of the event, including financial risk.

Fee managed
Events owned by others where we are contracted to carry out specified organisational functions.
Market and manage sales
Create and produce communication programme
Direct and co-ordinate PR activity
Financial management, control and reporting
Negotiation, selection and management of sub-contractors
Manage staffing and production at event
Accreditation systems
Site planning
Implementation and site branding
Sponsor liaison
Infrastructure design and solutions
Entertainment and support activities
Governing body liaison
TV rights and host broadcaster facilities
Fort William UCI Mountain Bike World Cup
Fort William UCI Mountain Bike World Championships
Ratho UIAA Climbing World Cup Finals
Ratho UIAA World Youth Climbing Championships
SIGB Ski Test
Archery World Cup Final 2010
Original Bicycle Festival
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